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Barbell Logic

Feb 2, 2018

In the 50th episode Reynolds and Hambrick talk about, Scott’s online great books project. They discuss why people should read the great books, what the process does for the reader and how to stay on task.  


Scott describes how he has applied the barbell training paradigm of linear progression to approaching the great books. It's nothing new, it's an idea that has been abandoned. The idea is to start at the beginning of western thought and read the greats in order. The greatest minds in history have asked the hard questions and their answers have built on each predecessor. For example, Aristotle doesn't make nearly as much sense if you haven't read Plato. Starting from the beginning, with Homer and working your way forward makes the reading easier and more fruitful.


Like barbell training, reading the great books is a simple, hard, and effective way to refine your thinking and challenge your beliefs. Coach Hambrick is devoted to helping others do just that. Starting with Homer’s Iliad, he ships a carefully selected edition of one of the great books directly to your home each month.


The check-in and reading goals system then helps you progress through the great books with just three one-hour reading sessions each week.


Once per month you’ll meet in a two hour video conference to discuss your text with a community of readers in a Socratic seminar lead by a trained interlocutor. If you've struggled with reading the great books in the past, or if you've never attempted them, the community is there to share in the challenge and help guide you through the journey.


If you’re interested in developing a lifelong habit of reading and studying the great books, go to and enter the promo code “Reason” to get 25% off your first three months.


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