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Barbell Logic

Aug 30, 2018

Matt and Scott interview the man behind the Starting Strength Instagram (and it's memes), coach Pete Troupos. Pete is a Starting Strength Coach currently based out of Dallas, TX. He is also an SSOC coach as well as the organizer for all Starting Strength lifting camps across the country, so he is well versed in the Starting Strength model and the variety of coaches in the organization.


Prior to becoming a coach, Pete had a long career in retail loss prevention, where he learned to recognize behavioral patterns that indicated theft in stores. He also learned about neuro-linguistics to read facial expressions and other behavioral tip-offs while investigating employee store theft. This training has served him well as a barbell coach, making him better aware of his lifters' struggles and able to recognize and correct negative movement patterns.


In addition to his coaching practice, Pete helps run the Barbell Coaching Academy on Facebook, a resource and community for aspiring Starting Strength Coaches to refine their coaching eye, discuss cues, learn about programming, and work on the myriad of other skills a good strength coach will need.


You can find Pete as a coach and team leader on Starting Strength Online Coaching, or on Instagram @troup_a_loop.


Of course, if you don't already you need to follow the official Starting Strength instagram @startingstrength.


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