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Barbell Logic

Oct 4, 2018

Matt and Scott chat with SSOC client Sean Richardson, visiting the Reynolds' household from across the pond (Leicestershire, UK to be precise). Sean is a speech pathologist by trade, and an SSOC client of Scott's. He is a model client too, demonstrating consistency, patience, and coachability in his training life. Sean also enjoys a number of hobbies in life, so he doesn't just live to train... he trains to live. He is a great example of how strength training can fit into and improve an aready rich and varied life.


When it comes to our favorite (or at least Reynolds' favorite) phrase "voluntary hardship," Sean knows a thing or two. He trains outside, in his garden! He has a Rogue rack positioned across a slab of concrete, and he stores his plates in a "rubbish bin" (garbage can) when not in use. He puts the Rogue powder coat to the test, yet only reports slight rusting around the pin holes after over a year of use. Pretty impressive Rogue!


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