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Barbell Logic

Oct 3, 2017

In this episode Reynolds and Hambrick give you step by step instructions on how to conduct your first weight training session on the Starting Strength Program.

Starting weight guidelines

The older and/or lighter you are, the lower your weight will be, in general.  These are only guidelines.  DO YOUR WEIGHT.

Squats:  Men will squat 95-115, Women 65-85 

Press:  Men will press 65-85, Women 35-45

Deadlift: Men will pull 185-225, Women 85-115

Bench Press: Men will bench 115-125, Women 65-85

Whiskey of the Week:  Blood Oath, Orphan Barrel imposter. Aged in cabernet barrels (to make it darker).  It’s a good buy at $59, costs too much at $110.

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