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Barbell Logic

Nov 7, 2017


Matt and Scott discuss the pitfalls that cause novices to stall or plateau in their linear progression work.


Scott’s Favorite Belt and Wrist Wraps

The 10mm thick, 4” power lifting belt double suede belt.  Get the single prong belt with the tapered tongue.  Use the coupon code “beltlogic” for 10% off.

Phantom Wrist Wraps  Get the 24” wraps


  1. Bad form
    1. Fractional Plates from Dan Miller
    2. Shoes, Adidas shoes (Not for the wide of foot!)
    3. Belt
  2. Need equipment
  3. Not eating enough
  4. Doing extra work
  5. Being a snow flake
  6. Not grinding
  7. Quitting

Whiskey of the Week

Nah, drink of the week:  The Sazerac

Check out our How to Make a Sazerac Video

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