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Barbell Logic

Apr 20, 2018

Live from StrengthCon, Matt and Scott sat down with Dr. Jonathon Sullivan. Dr. Sullivan, or Sully as he is affectionately known, was an ER doctor in Detroit for many years before transitioning out of medicine to coaching people to become strong at his gym Greysteel Strength and Conditioning. Sully specializes in training Masters athletes, and has written an exhaustive book about training and health for the aging person called The Barbell Prescription: Strength Training for Life after 40. This is a groundbreaking book laying out the benefits of strength training for older people, who stand to gain the most from the medicine of barbell training. A must read for trainees of all ages.


Sully is a certified Starting Strength Coach and a major contributor to the Starting Strength organization. He chairs the scientific review committee for the Starting Strength Coaches Association, which reviews new scientific literature in exercise physiology, medicine, and other fields relevant to strength training. He has penned several articles for Starting Strength, including Barbell Training is Big Medicine which was the spark that eventually became The Barbell Prescription.


Sully shares his recent experience leaving his job as an ER doctor to coach full-time at Greysteel Strength and Conditioning. In his second career, he has found new purpose and meaning using the barbell to help older people become stronger, healthier, and more able.


In addition to the links above, you can check out Dr. Sullivan on his entertaining and informative YouTube channel here:


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