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Barbell Logic

Apr 24, 2018

Matt and Scott sat down with Starting Strength Coach Steve Hill during StrengthCon to discuss barbells, physics, cycling, and strength training for endurance athletes. One of the things that makes Starting Strength unique is its application of physics to the barbell lifts. Starting Strength follows a moment model for the lifts, analyzing the force of gravity on the barbell and intelligently applying moment force on the largest muscle groups of the body to move the bar against gravity in the most efficient path (vertically). Steve helped us parse through some of the more confusing applications of physics in barbell training, and talked about his own career as an athlete, a lifter and now a coach.


Steve has an athletic background as a national champion track cyclist and a short distance time trialist. He is now a commercial airline pilot and Starting Strength's resident physics guru. He specializes in training cyclists, starting with the standard novice linear progression during the off-season and gradually working sport-specific training back in as the next season approaches. The LP portion may only last for 4-6 weeks, however, as Steve prefers not to keep athletes away from their endurance training too long. This foreshortened approach to LP produces some strength gains while minimizing loss of aerobic capacity.


Steve Hill does not have a website but you can find him via the Starting Strength Coaches directory. He is located in the Atlanta area.


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