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Barbell Logic

May 4, 2018

Matt and Scott chatted with Rebekah Cygan in the luxurious presidential suite of the Baymont Inn in Wichita Falls, TX. There they discussed Rebekah's story of discovering strength training after questioning the efficacy of her traditional PT modalities. Rebekah trained as a physical therapist before discovering Starting Strength, and quickly embraced the model. Along with her husband Caleb Krieg -- also a Starting Strength Coach -- Rebekah earned her SSC credential and founded Krieg Strength and Conditioning in State College, PA to spread the message of strength training to a larger audience. Rebekah also works for SSOC as a coach and an administrator, handling various marketing and sales roles.


As a bonus, Rebekah answered some questions on causes and treatment for common aches and pains among lifters, including elbow pain (lateral/medial epicondylitis), rotator cuff problems, and back pain.


You can find Rebekah on the Krieg Strength & Conditioning website and follow her on Instagram @bekahandbarbells.


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