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Barbell Logic

Jun 19, 2018

Matt and Scott discuss their experience dieting under the tutelage of Robert Santana, a SSC and the head nutrition coach at SSOC. Santana's basic approach is to coach his lifters to eat to support their strength, while maintaining high protein levels (which, of course, are necessary to support muscle growth). Generally, this means prescribing moderate carbs and low fat. While low-carb diets may be popular with those just trying to "lose weight," carbs are an important source of fuel for workouts. So dietary fat often needs to be cut to provide the caloric restriction necessary for bodyfat loss.


Macro discussion is great, but day to day eating habits are where the rubber meets the road. So Matt and Scott share their daily eating habits and the strategies they use to comply with their prescribed macros each day while maintaining flavor and the things they love to eat. Matt also talks about the struggles of hitting macros and eating healthy while traveling.


It's also important to realize that calorie restriction is a stressful event - essentially a "starvation" event for us human organisms. Anxiety, depression, and general stress goes up during calorie restriction, so it's important to play the long game. Santana will often program maintenance periods during which his lifters get increased macros and can relieve the stress of having to comply with calorie restricted diet. As Scott mentions, the process of "recomping" or losing bodyfat take a long time - months, not weeks, maybe even years - so patience and commitment to the process is important.


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