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Barbell Logic

May 25, 2020

Men's style coach Tanner Guzy joins the show to share some tips for improving your style and making sure you are highlighting the physical gains you've worked so hard to make in the gym.


Any time you mention style around a group of men, there's an inevitable mixture of bemusement, eye rolling, and genuine interest....

May 24, 2020

Matt and Chris discuss the reasons for living a life driven by a set of values which you can clearly identify and define. They discuss their own value systems, how they developed them, and how their life has been shaped by them.


As always, Matt urges listeners to write down a list of their own life values, and...

May 21, 2020

Matt and Scott are back with another round of Thursday Q&A. If you'd like to ask Matt and Scott a question, email and we'll feature you on a future Q&A episode!



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May 18, 2020

Matt invites former STRONG Gym coach and now owner of GP Athletics in Springfield, MO, Spencer Graham, to the podcast to discuss how lifters can get started training in the sport of strongman.


Strongman is probably the most entertaining sport in the world of strength and power. Athletes regularly perform feats of...

May 17, 2020

Matt and Chris discuss the value of making mistakes, owning up to them, and learning from them. Many people grow up afraid of making mistakes, and reluctant to own up to them when they do make them. Chris argues that this stunts our growth and creativity as humans, because mistakes are essential to the process...