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Barbell Logic

Jul 6, 2020

BLOC Coaches Matt Reynolds and Niki Sims discuss how they've been cueing their clients over the last couple years, in particular how their cues tend to change during the course of a set.


Many lifters performing a heavy set of five will struggle with technique on the fourth and fifth reps, due to weakness in...

Jul 2, 2020

Now, more than ever, the ability to deescalate tense situations and bring reconciliation and understanding to hostile parties is a valuable skill. Some people are natural peacemakers, having learned from a young age how to maneuver volatile interactions between family members, while others of a more disagreeable nature...

Jun 29, 2020

When it's time to get jacked, and feel "da pump," there are a handful of exercises that Matt and Niki continually go back to for their simplicity and effectiveness. Throughout their years of coaching, they have also started to break with the traditional bodybuilding approach of high reps = hypertrophy,...

Jun 25, 2020

Matt and Chris discuss the value of hard work, specifically hard physical labor. For the technology-addled knowledge worker of the 21st century, there is something particularly rewarding about taxing physical labor, beyond the result of the labor. As Matt says, there is value in the work itself.



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Jun 22, 2020

BLOC coach and Physical Therapist Bekah Krieg returns to the podcast to discuss the Barbell Logic Anatomy Masterclass and how she has developed the curriculum for aspiring coaches and busy professionals alike.



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