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Barbell Logic

Dec 29, 2023

Don't prioritize. De-prioritize. First identify and remove the things that provide you no value. Pull those weeds!

Don't Prioritize. De-prioritize. Remove Things That Provide No Value
If you're looking to create your GAMEplan, first remove those tasks and goals that do not provide you value. Remove the unimportant and...

Dec 26, 2023

Niki and Andrew answer your lifting and lifestyle questions on BJJ, nutrition, blown-out pants, and more!

Approaching BJJ as You Age
Don't train as if you have to prove yourself or go RPE 10 each time. Rather, focus on picking up the basics, because that foundation of basics will result in deep, impressive skill as...

Dec 22, 2023

Coaching is secondary. Business is first. Learn how to be an owner, not just a technician or manager, for business success.

Check out the E-Myth Revisited to read more on this subject.

Coaching is Secondary for Business Success
Consider this scenario.

Someone becomes an expert in creating a certain craft or providing...

Dec 19, 2023

Do hard things. Valuable pursuits are difficult - embrace these challenges to grow, improve, and crush your goals.

Do Hard Things - Valuable Pursuits are Difficult

Nothing worthwhile is easy. Maybe we'll be surprised by how easy it is (maybe we built up a certain pursuit or task that we have inflated its...

Dec 15, 2023

Know who you are & take advantage of the holiday season to pause, reflect, and write down your core values and mission statement.

Know Who You Are

You don't need to have a mission statement, business plan, or core values to begin coaching or even start a business. Get customers now.

As your business grows, you...