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Barbell Logic

Aug 22, 2019

Barbell Logic started life as a people-focused company, bringing exceptional online coaching to people without local access to coaching. The company has grown dramatically since then, branching into written and audio/visual content, establishing the Barbell Coaching Academy, and hosting coaching masterclasses on a variety of topics. The train keeps moving, too, and today Matt, Scott, and Bill Hannon (VP of Coaching Development and returning guest) discuss some exciting new developments and service offerings in the works for Barbell Logic.


Have a question about training? Send a question to Matt and Scott! Email us at and we'll answer your question on an upcoming Saturday Q&A! 



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Also, A7 Strongwear has officially launched their new product line! They're known for their bar grip shirt which keeps the bar essentially glued to your back during squats, but have expanded their line to include shirts, shorts, leggings, IPF approved wraps, sleeves, socks, and much more.



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