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Barbell Logic

Nov 23, 2020

Matt & Niki answer your questions.  Email questions to to receive an email answer and get your questions answered on the podcast.  

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  • 4:44:  How does TRT impact the novice linear progression?  Should someone redo LP if they begin TRT, especially as an early intermediate?
  • 9:39:  Should you do RDLs on a box or widen the grip if you do not achieve a "stretch" in the hamstrings because of short legs?
  • 13:07:  What are the effects on strength training from donating blood or plasma?
  • 16:46:  Do you prioritize midfoot balance or stress on the hips with the RDL and box squat?
  • 19:53:  Do you have any recommendations for free or cheap templates or programs for advanced lifters who do not have use a coach?
  • 25:05:  Which murder podcasts does Niki listen to?  
  • 29:12:  Is there any benefit to wearing a mouth guard during training to prevent strain on the neck, keep the airway open, or prevent teeth grinding?
  • 31:55:  Why don't we do dips, as opposed to the bench press, as one of the 4 main lifts?
  • 38:44:  What is your preference for order of upper versus lower in terms of a 4-day split (upper then lower or lower then upper)?
  • 41:46:  What are realistic expectations for losing weight and training?   

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