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Barbell Logic

Jan 12, 2024

Matt, Niki, & Andrew continuing looking back on 2023 with The BLOCies, BLOC Wrapped, part 2 - favorite books, biggest surprises, and more.

The BLOCies - BLOC Wrapped, part 2

Despite starting the podcast saying they'd look to 2024, they ran out of time (stay tuned for the next podcast).

This podcast is Matt, Niki, and Andrew reflecting on more of their best and favorite of 2023.

Below are some of the highlights.

Best Experience

  • Matt: Alaska trip with Rachel that included a helicopter flight; #blessed
  • Niki: all-inclusive resort vacation to Mexico; the resort set the standard for customer experience, anticipating her needs better than she could
  • Andrew: financial benefits of YNAB

Favorite Book

Personal Growth

  • Matt: Series A raise, involving pitching the business ~60 times, along with the Forbes book deal
  • Niki: BLOC oversight role and all that comes with being THE leader
  • Andrew: felt more like a product developer, alongside podcasting and working on those skills

Listen to the episode for more on the BLOCies. Stay tuned for a look forward to 2024.

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