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Barbell Logic

Oct 5, 2021

Matt and Scott discuss common pitfalls that novices make as they begin their strength journey. 

First and foremost, many people lift with horrific form. You need to get your form right or pretty close. This either requires a coach or your needing to spend the time educating yourself and filming, watching, and analyzing your own lifts.

Many people don’t get shoes, and proper shoes make a huge difference, especially on the squat and press. 

Too many people don’t eat properly. This may be food quality (whole foods). This may be not eating enough. This may mean eating way too much crappy food. Protein needs to be higher for most people.

Finally, too many people quit when it gets hard. They don’t know how to grind. You don’t have to grind every workout of every day--and you shouldn’t. But, if you can’t grind, you’re leaving LOTS of weight on the bar and holding your own development of grit back. 

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