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Barbell Logic

Jun 9, 2021

One of strength training’s biggest benefits is CONFIDENCE. As people grow stronger, overcome difficult things, and build a more capable body, they tend to carry themselves differently and bring confidence to other areas of their lives.

Increased capability lends itself to more confidence. You know your body and do more and meet physical challenges better than it did before. You know that you can do difficult things, repeatedly, and gain confidence from that. Finally, as you train you begin to build a capable, muscular body. All these contribute to confidence. 

Some may criticize this idea, as ultimately squatting and deadlifting aren’t THAT hard compared to the myriad challenges humans can face. Maybe this is true--modern lives come with comforts and conveniences--but we can add difficulty with strength training, better ourselves, and prepare ourselves for unexpected, involuntary hardship. 

Gyms are notorious for tearing down confidence, not building it up, so as a lifter look for supportive gyms and coaches. If you’re a coach, you have to know not only that you’re not a drill sergeant but also that technique cues & programming aren’t enough. To have to support your client. 

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