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Barbell Logic

Oct 27, 2023

You need excellent customer service for online coaching, not just in-person coaching. Set your online coaching apart from the crowd, provide your clients more value, get more clients, and make more money.

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Excellent Customer Service for Online Coaching (Not Just In-Person)

Customer service, especially in a post-COVID world, sets your business apart.

Many coaches and gyms provide excellent customer service. Matt sees three common gyms types: boutique gyms with excellent customer service but poor training, black iron or CrossFit gyms with hard training but poor customer service, and big box gyms that have good customer service with laissez faire training (you can train hard or not).

Coaches who follow something akin to Barbell Logic coaching, with high-quality, 1-on-1 coaching, you know how to provide excellent customer service: show up on time, be prepared, greet your client with enthusiasm even if you're in a bad mood, dress well, etc.

You need to have excellent customer service for online coaching. Don't treat your online coaching differently. Take the principles of high-quality, high-touch coaching and apply it to your online coaching business.

Excellent Customer Service for Online Coaching: Set & Maintain a High Standard

How can you set and maintain a high standard of service for your online coaching business. Look at the list below for some basic things:

  • programming done in advance (always)
  • communicate where programming is going
  • technique feedback
  • 24-hour feedback
  • screen recording, not just text
  • well-dressed
  • high-quality microphone

Think about the online coaching experience like you would the in-person experience. As opposed to your client walking into the gym, how does the client interact with you, receive feedback, upload videos, ask questions? How do they pay? Can they expect consistent, high-quality customer service from you?

Have excellent customer service for online coaching.

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