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Barbell Logic

May 10, 2024

Do the work. A bad to do list executed aggressively is better than the "perfect" to do list you never finish. Be a doer.

Do the Work: Don't Procrastinate

Don't identify as a coach, spend time creating the "perfect" to do list or checking off easy, non-important to dos.

Do that thing that makes you nervous. Do the work you know is the most important thing to bring you closer to your goal.

For many, it is getting your first paying client.

Go and do, stop planning, preparing, or creating and completing tasks that do not actually bring you closer to your goal.

You likely know the thing you need to do. Do it: today, right now.

Do the Work: Be a Doer - Be a Person of Action

If you are not sure what you need to do, spend some time thinking about it. Set the time aside, and execute.

For Matt, he realized as a gym owner that he needed to write the standard operating procedures for simple tasks such as cleaning the bathroom so that the high standards he had for his gym would continue but, importantly, someone else could execute these tasks. The freed up time would allow Matt to work on his business, not in his business.

You cannot scale if you are drowning in urgent tasks.

Do the important work, eliminate the non-important, non-urgent work, and actually reach your goal.

Do the work. Be a doer. Be a person of action.

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