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Barbell Logic

Feb 20, 2024

Niki and Andrew interview Melissa MacGregor, wife of BLOC coach Mac and BLOC client, and her coach Joel Rasmussen. Melissa suffered a stroke but, with patience, perseverance, and strength training, was able to return to physical activities she never thought she could do again.

Healing Through Strength Training: Perseverance & Experimentation

Melissa saw her husband benefit from strength training and decided to give it a try herself. Joel, her coach, tried many creative ways to help her focus on what she could do.

They experimented and pushed into the pain. Pain was feedback that, in her case, was positive because it was a sensation.

Joel also had to get creative for new ways to feel her body during lifting, as she did not have the normal sensations and proprioception that others have.

Over time, with patience and hard work, she has regained not only the ability to complete certain lifts "normally," but has also been able to return to activities such as biking and skiing, that she never thought she would be able to do again.

Listen to this heartwarming and motivating story of patience, perseverance, grit, and healing through strength training.

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