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Barbell Logic

Feb 24, 2023

We need more female masters strength athletes! Learn about the benefits, and myths of strength training for women seniors. What's different about strength training for female senior athletes - almost nothing.

Dr. Jonathon Sullivan and Noah Hayden continue their Barbell Health podcast series, this time discussing strength training for women masters athletes. Debbie Wrotslavsky joins them, discussing her journey and the positive changes she's seen since beginning barbell training.

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Female Masters Strength Athletes - Mostly the Same

What's different between strength training for men and women above the age of 50? Not much, really, as both desperately need the physical and mental benefits that barbell training provides.

Some differences exist between training men and women, but as men and women age, those differences become less important. Plus, for seniors, we're mostly discussing training for health, not trying to eke out PRs for competitions.

Female masters strength athletes train about the same as men. Programming, the approach to training, the exercises prescribed - these are the same for both men and women, before and after the age of 50.

We Need More Female Masters Strength Athletes

Women, for reasons we can only guess at, don't strength train as much as men. We'd love to start the trend to reverse this.

Adding muscle and strength only becomes more as people age, men or women.

Women look better and more feminine with the muscle that comes from strength training. Getting bulky doesn't happen by accident.

Consider how many young men who want to look like Arnold and train with barbells don't.

Instead, female masters strength athletes will gain confidence, vibrance, strength, mobility, and beauty - yes, beauty - from barbell training.

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