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Barbell Logic

Nov 7, 2023

Mac McGregor and Niel Marr join Niki and Andrew to discuss strength for golf. Niel is a golf instructor, and shares how strength has improved his life and his golf game.

Strength for Golf: Longer Drive & Better Stability for Putting
As Tiger Woods' career demonstrated, strength does not destroy one's swing or ruin one's golf game. It actually helps it. Too many unfounded claims or ideas like this float around, despite the contrary reality.

Strength helps produce a faster golf swing, which means the ball can go farther. It also helps with stability for fine-tuned skills such as putting.

Beyond this, strength helps create stronger, more resilient, healthier golfers.

Ultimately, golfers must continue to practice the skills involved in golfing (e.g. putting and driving) while improving their ability to produce force.

Strength for Golf: Coaching is Coaching
Neil Marr, a golf instructor, also explains how as he's decided to start pursuing barbell coaching, he's been able to use the skills he's developed as a golf instructor.

He has developed a coaching eye for golf, which can translate to a better coaching eye for the barbell lifts. He also has experience identifying errors and communicating so people can move correctly.

Strength for golf and help is a boon.  

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