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Barbell Logic

Dec 13, 2022

Sully joins Niki & CJ to discuss health metrics that matter. Sully's biggest question is why do you think you need the test or data point? How will this information change your behavior?

Check out the Grey Steel YouTube channel here.

They refer to a red flag article a few times in the podcast. Read that article here.

Drowning in Data - Helpful Health Markers

It's easy to drown in data. One can wear wearables and get up-to-date health markers. We bombarded with inputs, news, sensory data, videos, podcasts, pings, updates, notifications.

Going with the current, sometimes bolstered by financial incentives, means gathering more data.

This data can give a blanket to client and practitioner of objectivity. It also allows delay.

What to do with the patient? Let's get more data. Administer these tests (oh, and I paid more when I prescribe more tests).

For coaches, it can be things like the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and other tests.

Complication's siren call can obfuscate the reality that we haven't moved the patient or client any closer to their desired outcome.

What are helpful health metrics? Ones that drive decisions and behavior - pieces of data that will make you act differently.

Data Should Drive Decisions - Health Metrics that Matter

Gathering a host of tests & metrics provides the illusion of understanding and objectivity. It's mostly noise, and you might miss the signal.

Coaches should know red flags, when training is contraindicated. The lifter and client should understand baseline, and when something changes that indicates something is off and further digging into the problem may help.

What are some typical important health markers for coaches? Having an understanding of what the client does outside the gym (other physical activity, sleep, nutrition) & when that changes drastically (e.g. someone who is mostly sedentary goes for a long hike and then misses their squats).

Pain matters too. Some pain seems to come with being a human (low back pain). Still, the type of pain, what movements cause it, how severe it is, and if modifications in dosing (intensity, exercise selection, volume) decrease or eliminate the pain.

Health metrics that matter drive decisions.

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