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Barbell Logic

May 21, 2024

Invest in a home gym for peace of mind. Having training equipment available & close underpins training success, providing reliability, convenience, & peace of mind you can't have with a commercial gym.

Home Gym for Peace of Mind - Reliability

In 2020 we learned that access to gyms and restaurants (and toilet paper) was not guaranteed.

For those who had home gyms, however, it may have been one of the best stretches of training they had ever had.

Commercial gym goers, however, had to use what they had at home and try to buy equipment as prices and demand skyrocketed.

Beyond those black swan events, gyms can close, hours can change, new clients can come take equipment we want to use during our normal training hour.

With a home gym, your equipment is available for you when you want to use it.

Home Gym for Peace of Mind - Convenience & Control

The reliability that brings peace of mind may be the most important aspect of this, but beyond this, convenience and control matter.

Listen to the music you want to listen to. Arrange and complete obnoxious circuits with multiple pieces of equipment. Do curls in the squat rack. No one cares.

Lift at 2 o'clock in the morning or go lift during your work day in jeans.

Wear what you want. Chalk your hands.

Home Gym for Peace of Mind - Getting Started

The bare minimum to start is a barbell and plates. We recommend an Olympic barbell with 2" sleeves and 2" plates. The one thing to not skimp on is the barbell, though you can get a quality barbell from Rogue that does not cost too much.

Garage Gym Reviews has great reviews of equipment at different prices and a general guide on getting started on your home gym.

Don't do the strength equivalent of buying a treadmill and not using it. Get what you know you will use and continue to get more as needed.

Invest in a home gym for peace of mind, convenience, reliability, and control. Invest in a home gym for the gains so you can be a lifter for life.

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