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Barbell Logic

May 14, 2024

We discuss how to lift forever. This is a mindset and approach to become and remain a lifelong lifter.

How to Lift Forever: Why It Matters

Lifting for quality of life is a habit that can last for years and decade. We hope you lift as long as you can.

We've discussed the benefits of strength and voluntary hardship, and how accumulating hard sets and building muscle contributes to health and longevity.

This is why it matters. You can't lift in your 20s and expect to benefit in your 50s and 60s. You need to build and maintain a habit that stays with you through your many phases of life, including the valleys.

How to Lift Forever: Attributes

Niki really see a tripartite time division with lifters who lift for the long haul and how they think about and approach the past, present, and future.

Lifters who maintain the habit over years and decades plan ahead. They think about how they will train this week, month, year, and even five years. They invest time and money into their training.

Looking whether there is a gym close by your travel location, for example, or incorporating hotel gym workouts or even bodyweight workouts helps maintain the habit.

Looking at the past means being able to appreciate the past and be proud of the work and progress you've put in. The past, however, really becomes most important in terms of how it manifests and informs how you think about the present.

You have to be okay with being where you are at. It doesn't mean you are happy with it or you don't have a goal to improve, but you do not beat yourself up.

How to Lift Forever: A Mental Model

Thinking about the past and the present may be the most critical element. You find yourself where you are. You have a goal for the future. You understand you have made past decisions that have brought you to your present situation.

A question Niki asks is "What got me to this moment I'm not liking?"

You may find you're okay with your decisions. For example, after a vacation, you might be a bit more bloated with clothes fitting more tightly.

Did you enjoy the vacation? How important was the vacation? You might find you don't regret your decisions.

If you do regret your decisions, think about how you can adjust travel arrangements in the future so history does not repeat itself.

Don't beat yourself up or find yourself falling into dividing your expectations and reality.

Then, visualize your future. Think about where you want to be at a certain point of time (e.g. at the end of the year). Decide what actions will move you to that point and then execute.

Learn how to lift forever.

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