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Barbell Logic

Nov 23, 2021

Scott & Matt discuss recovery and how you can improve your recovery, because though most people don’t give themselves enough stress others may go too far in the other direction and now recover enough, which ultimately holds them back from the gains they desire.

Recovery is the opposite or absence of stress. The top two sources of recovery are rest and food. Let’s discuss these.

A huge area of rest that people often fall short of ideal is sleep. Here are some sleep tips:

  • 8 hours
  • Same wake & bed time every day (including the weekend)
  • No electronics or light (especially blue light ) right before bed
  • Use your CPAP is you have one
  • If you can’t get 8 hours of sleep, try to nap

Food and nutrition depends on your goals and bodyfat, but here are some eneral tips:

  • Prioritize protein: 150g for females & 200g for males every day (and there are outliers)
  • Adequate calories (gaining weight--surplus; losing weight, small deficit)
  • Carbohydrates: enough and--if attempting to lose weight--consume before your workout
  • A glass of whole milk can be a good way to add calories to your meal and get in a surplus if you’re looking to gain weight

In addition to food and sleep, ensure you’re resting long enough between sets (depending on available time, at least 5 minutes for lower body exercises).

Allow yourself to do smaller weight jumps--at least 2.5lb jumps, especially for the upper body.

Lastly, consider your total stress. This might be other exercise or physical activity. This might be life stress (relationships, work, etc.). Your total stress affects your ability to recover from lifting stress, so limit it insofar as you can. 

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