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Barbell Logic

Feb 13, 2024

We explore professionalism and why it's hard to be professional. Professionalism is difficult, but deliver values and sets you apart.

Professionalism: Competence, Integrity, Benevolence

Andrew has delivered, through podcast and in-person talks, a deep dive on how competence, integrity, and benevolence make up a professionalism value equation.

Matt also has also delved into this here.

This framework or model to conceptualizing your coaching or business really helps you think more intelligently about where to improve.

Professionalism Sets You Apart

When you have built yourself some expertise and are above the level of amateur, you should respect yourself, expect a high value of yourself and ask a relatively high price of your customer (the price should be less than the perceived value).

Then, you need to deliver a high level of service consistently across the competence, benevolence, and integrity.

Plenty of people are delivering online coaching. Personal trainers and coaches abound. Professionalism sets you apart.

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