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Barbell Logic

Sep 23, 2021

What is marketing and why does it matter? If you feel you can provide a valuable service or product to others, how do you not only get that message out but demonstrate to your potential audience & customers that what you are selling is right for them? Josh Veach, CIO at Barbell Logic, joins Niki & Matt, to discuss marketing.

Josh also runs a non-profit--Go Shout Love--that designs and sells t-shirts, with the funds going to help families pay medical bills for their children with rare diseases. You can follow Go Shout Love on Instagram here

Matt and Josh met not through lifting or some business convention, but rather through being neighbors and sheltering from tornadoes.

Josh’s house did not have a basement but Matt’s did, so Matt offered his basement in case of a tornado (and Josh and his family took him up on the offer). 

The friendship first entered the business realm when Matt needed to build a website for his gym, Strong Gym. Josh had begun to do pro bono work and eventually created a company of his own that worked on marketing and website development. 

Since then, Josh has become a full time employee at Barbell Logic, a member of the leadership team, and a crucial member of the team. 

Now, back to marketing.

Most people focus on themselves and their business and forget to think about their audience and clientele, what value they are looking for, and what drives their decisions. 

If you're a coach or business owner, you (hopefully) believe in the product or service you're offering and understand the value you provide your clients. Or, if you don’t have any clients yet, you at least have some idea of how you can impact and improve the lives of your future clients. But simply sharing your story is not enough. 

Josh’s advice comes down to three big things:

  • know your clientele, what value they are looking for, & what drives their decisions
  • what makes you different (& better)
  • make it easy to have them pay you

Additionally, and just as important, you cannot lie about your service or product. Word of mouth is still the best way to grow, and if you lie or overpromise about your product or service, the word of mouth will be negative. 

Lastly, you have to build your brand through repetition.

What beer do you think of when you think of the coldest beer? What beer do you think about when you think about getting away to a beach? Is this a result of some inherent property of that beer, or that those companies have made decisions about what their product provides and have consistently messaged that over years and decades. You are positioning yourself and your brand in your audience and clients’ minds.

One example of this is having a consistent color scheme and font in your marketing and design work. It’s a small point, but it helps maintain one consistent voice and builds the repetition and consistency you want. 

This actually decreases in difficulty as you grow. Though you as a coach don’t have a marketing department planning and preparing your messaging, you are also one person. How do you maintain a consistent voice in a larger company? It’s hard.

Lastly, what’s a CIO? The title means Chief Information Officer. Josh helps with website development and design, marketing and sales. He ensures that Barbell Logic maintains that one consistent voice throughout its webpage, social media, content, services, and advertisements. 

Understanding marketing can really help you in multiple areas of your life, beyond your business. The underlying principles are about clear communication and working to understand what the person you’re communicating with wants. 

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