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Barbell Logic

Dec 26, 2023

Niki and Andrew answer your lifting and lifestyle questions on BJJ, nutrition, blown-out pants, and more!

Approaching BJJ as You Age
Don't train as if you have to prove yourself or go RPE 10 each time. Rather, focus on picking up the basics, because that foundation of basics will result in deep, impressive skill as you potentially move to your purple, brown, and black belts.

Pay attention to the details in the basics. Don't try to skip ahead, but understand the small, subtle details of basic moves.

When it comes to competition, these details and foundation will cause you to be able to follow your intuitions, and you may surprise yourself when it matters.

Nutrition Strategies for Truck Drivers
Truck driving presents the combined challenges of limited food options and lots of time being completely sedentary (and the incentive to not stop too often, so not drinking too many liquids).

You do not need to count macros, necessarily, but you need a strategy to consume adequate protein and limit calories (unless you're focusing, for some amount of time, on gaining strength and getting bigger).

If you're focused on getting bigger, it's a bit easier, but simply ensure you're getting adequate protein.

If you want to maintain or get leaner, preparation is key.

Andrew recommends either packing heated pre-made meals in Thermoses (so you can eat hot, high-quality food for your first couple meals). Alternatively, bring a cooler with some healthy options.

When looking at food options in a truck stop or gas station, Andrew has the following macronutrient general guidelines:
  • at least 20-30g protein
  • 40-60g carbohydrates
  • no more than 10-20g fat
You don't have to count calories, but these are good numbers to aim for when selecting a snack or meal when you can read the labels.

Blowing Out Your Pants
Andrew has a history of blowing out his pants. He says he has blown out at least twelve.

He shares two stories.

First, he blew out some pants at a wedding when he was dancing (he goes hard on the dance floor).

The next day, when looking at the pants with the blown-out crotch, he discovered that he had been sweating so hard that there was encrusted salt on the black pants.

Second, when he was a 280-pound lifter in a corporate setting, with the other executives being endurance athletes, he had just eaten a whole rotisserie chicken and, sitting in a chair, both broke the chair and fell over (and blew out his pants).

The things we do for strength sometimes.

Training & Marketing without Dogmas
Niki's training objective is to gain as much muscle mass without injuring herself. Andrew's training is boring but consistent.

Niki shares the difficulty in marketing her approach or the BLOC approach after she and BLOC has really moved away from dogmas. While we coach with principles, coaching is more applied to the clients' individual circumstances.

Talking to others businesses, it's hard to be heard if you're not beating a dogmatic drum.

Effective Communication & Storytelling (Emotions)
Andrew shares that he has really learned the importance of emotions in communication (especially with disagreements or arguments).

The details or what was said does not matter so much, but how the person was or is feeling.

It is important to acknowledge those emotions.

It actually relates to how Matt tells stories. He says, essentially, that he shares how he felt, what he did, and then how he felt after he did the thing.

We relate to the emotion.

As a coach, it is important to pay attention to your client's emotions. Not doing so can erode trust.

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