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Barbell Logic

Aug 27, 2020

You have diligently executed the first four steps of the deadlift set up.  You are tight--and uncomfortable--and ready to get the bar off the ground.  What now?

For many, no cue works better to get the deadlift moving correctly off the ground than some variant of “push the floor away.”  In a correctly performed deadlift, the bar moves up off the ground in a straight line with the knees first extending and then the hips extending.  At the top, the knees and hips simultaneously finish their extensions.  

Common errors to initiate the first part of the deadlift include extending the hips, not the knees; extending the knees to cause the hips to rise without the bar moving up off the floor; or trying to use the arms to jerk the bar off the floor.  

Learn how to avoid these common errors and dial in your deadlift.  

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