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Barbell Logic

Nov 20, 2020

In order to adapt, we have to recover.  If we’re missing reps, our form is good, and we train consistently, we have to check to see if we’re resting enough between sets.  We have to ensure we’re getting adequate protein, calories, and sleep.  We must ensure there’s no additional physical stress.  We have a few ways to manage recovery, if we’ve taken care of the above.

The 4-day split is one of the best moves we can make in our MED toolbox.  If delivers a reduced stress per session, but also allows for accessory work to more easily be added.  It reduces lower body frequency, allowing more recovery, and increases upper body frequency slightly.  The upper body lifts are less stressful (they train less muscle mass) so the increased frequency often helps drive these up.  

We must rest and recover to grow strong.  

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