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Barbell Logic

Oct 17, 2023

People build strong families through strength training. We're, of course, not simply talking about physical strength, but emotionally and spiritually strong families, who witness each other overcome hard things and help each other out through life's difficulties.

Strong Families through Strength Training

Mac started his fitness journey as a young lad preparing for the hurdles of the Royal Air Force. He deployed multiple times, and felt lucky to be able to complete certain extremely challenging training.

He means lucky.

What he noticed, looking back on this training, is people succumbed to injuries when heavy things needed to be carried. Despite being young, lean, and "fit," people who ran a bunch and completed many callisthenic exercises and circuit training were unprepared to carry heavy things over long distance. No one really considered strength training.

Mac and his wife had shared running together. In the middle of a deployment, Mac had his wife smoke him on a 10k run after he had been unable to run for a long period. They enjoyed the shared activity of physically difficult things.

Then, hardship struck the McGregor family.

Mac face ulcerative colitis (UC) and his wife had a stroke. He face medical retirement as the provider for his family. Involuntary hardship reared its head.

Strong Families through Voluntary Hardship

Mac had decided to sign up for strength training with Barbell Logic and had seen positive benefits to his health and fitness. Mac tried to coach his wife, but it did not work. Ultimately, Joel Rasmussen, a Barbell Logic coach from Australia, became her coach and remained her coach since 2019.

His wife has been able to return to physical activities she never thought she would do again. While the progress has been anything but linear, she has regained capabilities.

Furthermore, their children witness them both lifting and doing hard things. They seem their mom and dad getting under the bar, overcoming gravity, and getting stronger and more capable.

Strength training has provided a source of physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. For many people, like the McGregors, they can become strong families through strength training.

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