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Barbell Logic

May 7, 2021

Rachel Reynolds joins Bekah & Anna Marie to bust some strong moms myths, including toning & tightening, burning belly fat, giving you energy, and confidence.

0:00 Introduction

2:57 Energy to Keep Up with Your Kids

  • doesn’t give you energy, but gives you strength & confidence & calmness
  • it’s a give and take because it also takes energy

6:31 Tightening & Toning Your Body

  • nope
  • lifting does probably does what you want “toning” to be & do
  • visible muscles but not too many muscles
  • can’t promise what you’re going to look like
  • your body will change
  • finding clothes can be more difficult, but more options exist these days

20:15 Burning Belly Fat

  • lifting does use some energy and also helps skews calories toward building muscle
  • you want to be a gas-guzzling body and eat all the calories, not a prius
  • it does take hard work to look a certain way
  • lift+nutrition=superpower & real body transformations
  • just dropping body weight really won’t do what you think it will do (you probably won’t be happy with the result)
  • you can eat more food

35:33 Body Transformation & Not Feeling Like Yourself

  • can cut and get stronger if you start off bigger
  • some people have a number they’re unwilling to get heavier than, regardless of how they look
  • important to have people in your corner (spouse, friends, family)

43:33 Strength Training Builds Confidence

  • Yep
  • choosing to struggle builds confidence
  • sense of control as well

52:27 Why Train as a Busy Mom?

  • try it
  • how important is your long term health for you and your quality of life?
  • find a coach you connect with
  • you can do it!
  • most people have this “I’m so glad I did that” feeling about training, getting stronger, and the overall process & change
  • you won’t regret trying it


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