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Barbell Logic

Apr 19, 2024

Swing for the fences! Don't leave anything on the table, give it your best shot, and go full bore ahead.

Swing for the Fences! - Aggressively Pursue the Urgent & Important

A single decision or event can change the course of your life. Regardless of life, philosophy, or religion, this is true.

When presented with a big opportunity, you need to swing for the fences. Hyperfocus your life and efforts on this.

This is when urgent and important overlap. This is when you put your sleep, family life, and other things on the backburner to aggressively pursue the opportunity.

You don't get the outcome if you don't swing for the fences. You don't even get to swing for the fences if you don't swing at all - if you fail to show up.

Swing for the Fences Regardless of the Outcome

This does not mean you succeed. You may fail. You will fail often.

Another opportunity will come. Work hard, prepare yourself for those opportunities, and be ready to show up and wing for the fences when the opportunity falls in your lap.

Don't leave life with regrets about what you did not seek, what you failed to try.

Swing for the fences!

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