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Barbell Logic

Mar 24, 2021

Take Charge 10 continues, with booze, veggies, and fiber.

On day 5, you eliminate alcohol. 

For some people, this will be the easiest step of them all. For others, this may cause some anxiety and may be difficult, especially as this falls on Friday if you begin on a Monday. The first day didn't give Matt or the Reynolds family too much trouble.

On day 6, you add more veggies. This was easy for the Reynolds, as they regularly eat vegetables. They worked to increase them. 

An approach Rachel has learned from homeschooling is "easy + 1," meaning that easy doesn't work - then you don't improve, but too hard doesn't work easy. It's really another way to say minimum effective dose--what's the least you can do to move toward your goals and be healthier?

Day 7 you have at least 30g of fiber. This one will stump a lot of people. Planning for this day will help.

First, increasing the veggies helps get you there. You may find that certain highly fibrous foods can really help here. Grape nuts & chia seeds can be added to yogurt or overnight oats. Legumes also provide large amounts of fiber. Fight for that fiber!

Finally, the Reynolds really begin to notice the benefits from the challenge. People have commented on their appearance, they feel good, and skin looks better. They also feel like there's been cascading benefits in other areas--improving one aspect of your life seems to spill into others. 

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