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Barbell Logic

Sep 15, 2023

Customer service is king, especially in a post-COVID world. If you want to run a successful business, have great customer service and you will stand out.

Customer Service is King in a Post-COVID World

Customer service standards have fallen since 2020 and COVID-19.

You notice it at nice restaurants and hotels, at airlines and in public bathrooms.

Employees seem bothered to help customers. Companies don't answer phone calls or respond to texts or emails.

The expectation to tip has spread to everything, with a reduced level of service and an increased rate of tipping.

You buy a cup of coffee, fill it up yourself, and clean up after yourself, and when you pay and the employee flips the tablet around, you see recommended tips for 20, 25, or 30%.

Workers should get paid good wages. You should tip well for employees whose wages rely on tips. But what has happened to customer service?

Customer Service is King for Your Business' Success

If you're a customer, this has seemingly nothing but downside. Have lower expectations and reward businesses that provide good customer service.

You see, though, the opportunity for existing or potential business owners. Have good customer service!

If you take care of your customers, you will tower above other companies. In a post-COVID world, where customer service standards have plummeted, good customer service will set you apart and lead to your business' success.

Control what you can in this economy and this world, and have great customer service.

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