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Barbell Logic

Jul 12, 2022

Matt & Niki discuss visual cues for lifting: how to best use them in-person & online, common mistakes to avoid, & some helpful examples. 

Visual Cues for Lifting
When used properly, visual cues can reduce the time & words needed to get the lifter squatting or deadlifting or pressing with proper form. Used incorrectly, they can confuse and get lifters trying to mimic something inappropriate for them.
Visual cues help with stationary, simple technique elements that can often be difficult to explain. For example, "take a shoulder width stance" actually requires a bit of thought. If you take the stance and toe angle they need, however, you've probably saved time and confusion.
Similarly, showing the proper wrist, and elbow position for the squat helps the lifter see the "straight wrist, close grip, elbows forward."
These visual cues, of course, don't occur in isolation. Combining different means of communication (verbal, tactile, visual) hammers home important points, allowing multiple senses to receive and comprehend the technique information.
Visual cues for lifting can thus simplify and quicken the learning process.

Visual Cues for Online Coaching
In-person coaching typically uses visual communication during the teaching progression, when the coach shows the lifter what he's looking for. When the lifter is lifting, you have to be in the lifter's vision or peripheral vision to communicate with the lifter (necessary for coaching a deaf lifter, which Matt has done).

In online coaching where the coach breaks down the video, the lifter gets to watch her own lifts and hear the coach's commentary.

Additionally, the coach can pause or slow down the video. The coach can draw and many coaches include video of themselves, where they can use their upper body or arms to add a visual cue.

Thus, the best online coaching provides verbal & visual cues, combining the auditory and visual senses.
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