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Barbell Logic

Jun 28, 2021

Matt & Niki discuss their pre-workout routines, from when they train, how they plan for training on the road, food, water, clothes: everything about how to properly prepare for training--physically & mentally.

Rituals both help prepare us for training specifically (e.g. laying out our clothes the night before or making...

Jun 21, 2021

Jason McCarthy of GORUCK discusses rucking, his Army service, & building community through voluntary hardship & shared suffering. He shares his story of how we went from US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) to founding and running a company that--similar to Barbell Logic--believe in voluntary hardship and...

Jun 14, 2021

Matt, Niki & Andrew answer your lifting & life questions. Topics include best pants, jeans, & shorts (for men & women lifters), forearm pain from lifting, what to do between sets, and best song to rally at a dance party.
0:00 Intro
1:20 What to Do if Can't Press Standard Bar?
  • aluminum bars are worth it--can use it...

Jun 11, 2021

Matt & Scott discuss fear of the lifts, especially heavy, PR attempts.

Different people have different fears of different lifts based on history (repeated failure or past injury) and simply how they feel about the lift. Lots of people, for example, are afraid of heavy squats. There’s something about a heavy bar on...

Jun 11, 2021

Men’s style coach Tanner Guzy joins the show to share some tips for improving your style and making sure you are highlighting the physical gains you’ve worked so hard to make in the gym.

Tanner offers an online style course for men as well as one-on-one coaching (he even helped Matt frame his baby blues). You can...