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Barbell Logic

Nov 30, 2021

Matt & CJ answer your coaching questions, including ACL tears, improving vertical jump, coaching blind lifters, and coaching obese lifters. 
0:00 Introduction

2:51 Nutrition Questions from Strength Clients
-what is your professional scope? know it, can refer out, and admit if you can't answer the question
-if you...

Nov 24, 2021

Matt Reynolds, founder & CEO of Barbell Logic, takes a minute to reflect on not only what he is thankful this Thanksgiving but--as Barbell Logic turns 5 years old--he reflects & lays out Barbell Logic's core values and his commitment to them. 

  1. We help you improve your quality of life by experiencing strength.
  2. We meet...

Nov 23, 2021

Scott & Matt discuss recovery and how you can improve your recovery, because though most people don’t give themselves enough stress others may go too far in the other direction and now recover enough, which ultimately holds them back from the gains they desire.

Recovery is the opposite or absence of stress. The top...

Nov 16, 2021

Dr. Jonathan Sullivan joins Matt & Scott to discuss what we know about how strength training benefits the joins and how it affects joint health. You can find Sully’s YouTube channel here and his Greysteel’s website here

Running actually puts more force on the knee joint than squatting below depth, so the idea...

Nov 11, 2021

Scott & Matt discuss their training and nutrition at a specific point of time. Scott is adjusting to having sold Data Storage, and training and nutrition are in flux. Scott has lost some weight from his highest weight ever, but training is not his top priority.

Matt has been intermittent fasting in the morning, which he...