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Barbell Logic

Jan 25, 2022

Why do we emphasize strength as opposed to other physical attributes, and if we value strength, how do we achieve it. Niki & Matt explore WHY you should get strong & how to get strong.

Strength--and the process of getting strong--produces lasting changes in our body. Our body changes to the stress we impose on it, with...

Jan 18, 2022

Gillian Ward joins Matt & Niki to discuss how to get started with nutrition: identifying your goals, understanding where you are now, and implementing sustainable, realistic nutrition plans. 

Gillian is a great simplifier of complex information and focuses not on the science of nutrition (though she knows it) but...

Jan 11, 2022

You're in a bad place--you're not happy with your health & fitness--and you want to change that. What do you do? Matt & Niki explore your first steps for strength.

This time of year New Years Resolutions occur, and there's nothing wrong with them. While they may have a low success rate, it's actually a good time of...

Jan 4, 2022

What do we mean when we say "Experience Strength"? Experiencing strength is experiencing the benefits of improved quality of life through strength training and improved nutrition and other health and fitness habits. 

When you're strong, you're capable and able to say yes to things. When you're weak--whether you know it...