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Barbell Logic

Feb 22, 2021

Matt & Niki and your lifting and life questions. Topics include changing hands for mix grip deadlifts, recommended kitchen equipment for meal prep, lumbar flexion during heavy deadlifts, most important gym equipment to begin, and testicle pain after lifting.
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0:00 Introduction
4:34 Testicle Pain After Lifting
What may be happening--and what should someone do--if they're experiencing testicle pain after lifting?
10:33 SteadyMD
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15:56 Mixed Grip: Switch Supinated Hand?
Should someone--when deadlifting with mixed grip--alternate supinated hands or just stick with one. 
18:06 Coaching Feedback & Form Checking
A great coach must help with form and improving form, but that cannot be ALL the coach offers. There must be a balance, and, ultimately, you need to make a good connection with clients. What does the client need right now and long term?
21:16 Recommended Nutrition Equipment
What do Matt and Niki use all the time to cook and meal prep: 
Instapot or pressure cooker: cook stews, chicken, sweet potatoes, rice
sous vide: thaw quickly or cook meat to internal temperature
vacuum sealer: portion & freeze meat
good knife: game changer
2+ cutting boards: to cut and prepare veggies, herbs, meats
cleaned out fridge: let you see what you intend to eat
clear, stackable tupper ware: see what you're going to eat
consider: non-stick frying pan, high quality cast iron skillet, high quality stainless steel cookware 
29:18 Flexion During Heavy Deadlifts
Is it concerning if some lumbar flexion occurs during heavy deadlifts? If it happens when it's REALLY heavy & the weight it occurs at continues to increase, it's not concerning. If, however, someone rounds then pulls at lighter weights, then, yes, the lifter needs to learn how to set & maintain lumbar extension. Rack pulls, RDLs, floating deadlifts, 5 part deadlifts can help. 
35:09 Gym Shenanigans
What's the silliest or stupidest things you've seen in a gym? A few things: curling in a smith machine, bouncing on a bosu ball, tying an iPod to a barbell.
37:33 Prioritizing Gym Equipment
If you're on a limited budget and starting from scratch, what are the most important things to purchase? The most important thing is to get a barbell and weights. 

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