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Barbell Logic

Aug 9, 2021

Thomas Frank, popular YouTuber on productivity and related tips, joins Matt to discuss his journey as a Barbell Logic Online Coaching client as he just recently achieved a 1000-lb powerlifting total. You can learn more about Thomas Frank at his YouTube channel. Thomas is publishing a video on his channel documenting his journey. 

Thomas & Matt met at a conference and Thomas mentioned to Matt that he wanted to do a video on accountability. Matt pitched to Thomas to let him be his coach.

Shortly thereafter, COVID hit and suddenly Thomas had no access to gyms and had little equipment. Matt worked with him to develop a program using a chin up bar, a kettlebell, and some sandbags. Despite the equipment limitations, Thomas completed the workouts and slowly got stronger until the gyms opened back up.

Since then, Thomas has been able to train properly with barbells and joined Matt as his house to achieve the 1000-lb total.

Thomas discusses the criticality of accountability. Without Beminder--and app the creates accountability for whatever task you want to complete--he would not be the successful YouTuber he is today. For some reason, however, he never applied this principle to working out. 

Thomas stressed the importance of having a coach for accountability. It's easy to lower the intensity or cut the volume if you don't have a coach. It's easy to miss workouts. Having a coach increases compliance which helps ensure results, which means meeting the goals you want to achieve.

Learn about Thomas' story and the importance accountability has played to his recent 1000-lb total and his success. 

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