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Barbell Logic

Sep 16, 2022

Building trust - this can seem a bit nebulous. Andrew Jackson provides a coaching value equation or model for how you can think about and improve how you build trust and provide value to your clients.

The Future of Coaching

Technology has redefined coaching and will continue to do so. You might be reading this on your phone, whereas decades ago similar articles would be only in physical magazines. Similarly, Barbell Logic offers an online learning environment for barbell enthusiasts and current and future coaches, along with an online app and service to provide strength and conditioning as well as nutrition coaching.

What are the trends that will likely stick around and redefine the coaching industry over the coming decades? Things like artificial intelligence, wearables, and the general interconnectedness of technology will enable nutritional and programming prescriptions.

Based off your recent food purchases, you will be able to get recipes that only use what you have available. Artificial intelligence will be able to provide programs, and sensors can tell you your 1RM for that day and provide autoregulated programs. Likely an AI system will be able to analyze your squat and tell you your errors and associated corrective cues.

So what's a coach to do? Come to terms with reality and embrace the opportunities. Know your VIP.

Better Position Your Coaching Practice

If your coaching practice involves nothing besides programming, recipes, and technique coaching, you need to adjust your practice. If you expect perfect compliance from clients and won't deal with personal side of coaching, don't be shocked when clients abandon your coaching when they can get what you provide through technology.

So, what problems can you solve for clients?

Clients are still human and want personal connection. So, you could focus on building a super tightknit gym community, that bucks the technological trends or incorporates them BUT provides value through a community of like-minded people looking to better themselves and their health.

You might focus on a niche that demands high-expertise and precise adjustments, such as professional cycling or similar sports.

You might focus on a high-touch either online model, where you build community as best you can through technology.

You might deliver a white glove service to well-to-do clients, where you travel to their house.

The point is, there will still be problems to solve, and we'll all still be human with human problems and foibles.

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