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Barbell Logic

Oct 13, 2021

Matt & Scott discuss how to behave properly in a gym, because to many don’t respect the equipment or the people around them. Don’t be that guy (or gal).

Take care of the equipment and put it back where you got it. Treat the equipment with the respect it’s due.

Wipe down your bench and similar equipment. Put the weights away properly (right location, and lips out on the weight tree). 

If you’re in a big box gym, don’t give others unsolicited advice. If they ask for advice, give it--if you’re a coach, this person might become a client. If you receive advice, don’t act like you want it. You can be polite, but if that person gives it the second time, that person needs to know you don’t want or need your advice.

Headphones can be a useful tool in gyms like this to tell people you’re not interested in talking to them. If there is a chance of good coaching, however--if you’re in a good gym--then don’t wear the headphones. Enjoy the fact that you’re in a gym where you can receive excellent coaching. 

Don’t break up the blocks of chalk--they should be block. 

Don’t use baby powder. 

Act like a professional in the gym. You know what you’re doing. You know why you’re there. Act like it.

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