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Barbell Logic

Nov 29, 2022

Matt Reynolds, Niki Sims, and CJ Gotcher join up to answer your lifting and lifestyle questions. They cover wrist wraps and wrist straps for deadlifting, upper body pulling exercises for novices, BJJ, hiking & rucking, stuffing or dressing, and more in this fun but informative holiday Q&A.

Wrist Wraps & Lifting Straps for Deadlifts
If you're having wrist issues, don't hesitate to use wrist wraps for your lifts. Wrist wraps for deadlifts, however, should not really help.

During the deadlift your wrists are in tension, not compression. Use the wrist wraps on all your lifts where your wrists are in compression, even the squat.

Lifting straps, however, are fine if you're having grip issues.

Upper Body Pulling Exercises for Novices
Our Best Exercises for Strength video discusses the main 4 lifts to get stronger. We still stand by this.

Lifters, however, add some type of upper body pulling exercise early on as a lifter, some adding them as they begin their novice program. It partly depends on their goals and current situation.

Some people may really want to get their first bodyweight pull-up. There is no reason to weight, and this may be a good situation to have a lifter move to a 4-day split routine as a novice.

Others may be in the military or a similar situation, and may need to maintain or improve their chin-up or pull-up performance.

Others, however, may be true beginners with little to no experience in the gym. Focusing on the main four lifts for them is enough. As they get stronger and their technique improves, adding in something like a barbell row, lat pull down, or chin-ups makes sense.

Hiking, Rucking, & BJJ
Niki shares here favorite submission move in BJJ. CJ gives a brief description of his recent rucking event and if it was the hardest thing he's every done. Matt discusses how a supposedly friendly hike became a 7-hour ordeal of terror.

Holiday Traditions
How do you say the word "pecan?" Do you eat stuffing or dressing? What are their favorite dishes, drinks, and desserts for Thanksgiving. Learn this and more, and share your with us on Instagram.

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