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Barbell Logic

Apr 12, 2021

Matt & Niki are joined by Cameron Cox, BLOC Exclusive Coach and owner of Cox Sauce BBQ Sauce, delicious barbecue sauce (getchu some).

They answer questions on bicep tears, lifting straps on the deadlift, shoulder pain on the bench press and squat, programming chin ups, getting your others to train more effectively, and a would you rather question.

0:00 Introduction & Cox Sauce BBQ Sauce
Cameron Cox of Cox Sauce BBQ Sauce joins Matt & Niki. This came from a family recipe that was special and rare as a kid, as it was difficult to make. It doesn't exactly follow one style of BBQ sauce, but it's well balance and goes great on ANY meat. Check it out here

9:47 Convincing Others to Improve Their Training
You have to lead by example here & get jacked. Younger guys want to be jacked--so you have to show them the way. There is also some bad information here about talking to advanced bodybuilders & thinking that doing what Mr. Olympia does is what you should do. After years of consistent training, you can up the volume, but start with the basics. What the beginner needs to do is different than the person with years or decades of training. 
The other consideration is you can't really convince people to do things. Do the thing & be the example and have them come to you: your actions will convince them more than your words.

14:51 Dealing with High School Coaches
Remember what the goal is for the child in high school. If it's just about fun & exercise, then you probably don't need to go crazy & optimize training. If you think your kid might have a legitimate chance at playing at the college or higher level, then getting him or her a coach might make sense. 
Also, remember, support the recovery & feed your kids. Do what you can to help your kid. Don't aim to convince the coach.

18:20 Shoulder Pain with Bench Press & Squats - No More Low Bar?
You might try these movements every now and then and see if they still bother you, but you might not be able to have these be your primary lifts, and that's okay. Definitely don't give up on trying things, though.
As you do an exercise, it should help make things feel better not worse.
Finally, while we love the low bar squat, high bar & safety squat bars are super effective. Do your best to train the most muscle mass over the longest effective ROM. 

22:34 Chin Up Programming
If you're doing a 3-day/full body split, then you can have the pull up or chin up be on the light Wednesday. If you're on a 4-day split, then the chins go on the upper body day. This goes for barbell rows as well. 
Also, Coach Cam throws out a theory for the number of chin ups you can do being a gauge for whether you're too skinny or too fat. 

27:18 Lifting Straps & Technique
Often times, if you introduce a new piece of equipment, it's different enough that it's harder at first until you adjust to the equipment. Also, pulling the slack out of the bar really matters here & wrapping your straps tightly. 

32:46 Excessive Layback on the Press
First, of course, layback is okay, especially if your layback doesn't bother you. You also may want to train the press strict at least once a week: don't come to rely on the layback too much. 
Press is pretty complicated when you analyze it biomechanically & consider all the joints and all the potential press styles.
Gaze is important on the lifts. It helps maintain balance and ground you, giving you a consistent point of reference. 

40:35 Bicep Tears-When Most Likely
Is a bicep tear more likely to occur at last rep of 5RM or during a 1RM? This occurs during SUPER HEAVY stuff during StrongMan events with stones & tires. 
In general, this is more likely to occur if you're SUPER STRONG, as your tendons & connective tissue are not as strong as your muscles. 

44:29 Would You Rather?

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