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Barbell Logic

May 17, 2021

Matt & Niki and your lifting and life questions.

Topics include coaching certifications oriented to coaching females, shoulder pain from presses & squats, adductor tears during squats, office strength groups, and power clean rack position.

0:00 Introduction & BLOC Party Overview

8:16 Programming During Weight Cuts
  • Gained a bunch of weight during LP, having a USSF meet coming up: still want to hit big numbers, but want to lean down
  • Performance doesn't have to suffer very much with small weight cut if done intelligently
  • Top set with volumes can really be a nice combination of hitting enough volume and still hitting the intensity
  • Lots of volume can help maintain muscle mass
  • Drive up that top set as much as possible
15:21 Certification to Coach Females?
  • Do you need to get a certification for coaching females? No
  • Need to improve your coaching, in general
  • Need to relate to your clients
  • Permission to coach mindset: more variation within group than between
  • 5x3 works well for lots of people with a deficiency of upper body muscle mass
23:32 Shoulder Pain
  • play with squat grip: probably bring it in
  • guess at what it is: proximal bicep tendinopathy
  • if it persists, put squat at the end of the workout (as squat tends to make rest of workout worse)
  • be very specific in where things hurt
  • do more sets of lower reps with slower, perfect form
  • lower the weight, slow down the lift
  • keep pain below a 3 and look for it to reduce over time
  • incline dumbbell press?
  • work to get the intensity back up
  • can also play around with frequency
30:14 Adductor Pain during Squats
  • Where is the pain presenting itself? (middle or end of muscle)
  • Is it at the tendon or in the muscle belly
  • Did you bruise?
  • Play with stance angle and ensure form is on point
35:25 Strength Office Activities
  • Start a strength training for running & cycling groups, but it's really just strength
  • Help coach 1/3 sessions they lift
  • Cycling Power Development
38:27 Power Clean Rack Position
  • wrist mobility or strength?
  • have to think about strength & mobility and what they really are, first
43:00 Most Impactful Non-Strength Books
  • Matt: Lonesome DoveThe Hard Thing About Hard ThingsMeasure What Matters, The Bible
  • Andrew: Endurance, Man's Search For Meaning
  • Niki: Deep WorkSparking Joy, Into Thin Air, Bone Clocks

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