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Barbell Logic

Jun 14, 2021

Matt, Niki & Andrew answer your lifting & life questions. Topics include best pants, jeans, & shorts (for men & women lifters), forearm pain from lifting, what to do between sets, and best song to rally at a dance party.
0:00 Intro
1:20 What to Do if Can't Press Standard Bar?
  • aluminum bars are worth it--can use it for accessory lifts
3:01 What Should I Do Between Sets?
  • should I sit, stand, pace, clean up, etc.?
  • timer can help
  • good to not take your mind away from lifting (unless you're uniquely able to focus quickly)
  • can also see (like Matt & his wife have recently) how short you can make the rests & the workout, in general
6:16 Good Jeans for People with Thick Thighs
  • Michael Kohr's khaki (Andrew)
  • American Eagle makes good jeans for guys (not slim cut)
  • get jeans and then get them tailored
  • Made Well for women (Niki)
  • stress test: dance party?
11:09 Best Everyday Shorts (Non-Training)
  • Benobo's 
  • have to be SHORT
  • Bird Dog's
  • plus, how do you FEEL after you eat food (not during, but after)
  • plus, Krispy Kreme donuts
  • what does a short do? show the difference between waist & butt, butt & hamstrings
17:33 Forearm Soreness?
  • probably resisting the bar on your squats
  • need to carry the weight on the back
  • cue: point fingernails to the floor
  • cue: carry the bar on your back
  • really squeeze shoulder blades together to: relax your grip on the bar
  • could be bending your elbows on the deadlift
18:54 Donnie Thompson's Bowtie for Shoulder Pain?
  • would not recommend it for the bench press
  • puts you in "good posture"
  • would recommend not lifting in one
  • don't want you to be yanked into position
  • it's fine to put stuff on that makes you feel better some time (e.g. massage)
  • ONLY for serious athlete
23:48 Dance Song for BLOC Party Dance Party?
  • what would Matt, Andrew, & Niki pick toward the end of a dance party when they need to rally?

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