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Barbell Logic

Feb 5, 2021

COVID has disrupted our lives and led to isolation and fear for many people.  There are the twin fears of getting sick and losing loved ones, and then the fear of losing one’s job and other economic consequences.  

In difficult times, it often helps to read or observe the writings and experiences of those who have experienced harder times than you.  Dr. Puder and Matt cover some of Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning and how Victor Frankl, a psychiatrist and Jewish person, survived the holocaust and ultimately worked to find meaning in the worst of times.  

Ultimately, the best way is to find ways to build order amidst the chaos--whether it be making your bed, doing your dishes, getting dressed despite staying home, and building habits and routines whether you’re working or suddenly find yourself working from home.  

This podcast originally aired soon after many things shut down due to COVID, but it applies today as much as then.  

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