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Barbell Logic

Oct 13, 2021

Matt and Scott discuss how you can save time in the gym, because we know (with rare exception) you lift to live not live to lift.

LP workouts shouldn’t take that long. Early workouts should realistically take about 45 minutes. This will increase to 60 minutes as you rest more and the weights go up. They should NOT take more than 90 minutes. 

If you’re in a hurry, warm up for your next exercise between work sets. Also, start with short rest periods (2 minutes). This can increase, but upper body exercises require less rest and lower require more, but if you’re pressed for time you don’t need to rest more than 5 minutes. If you have the time, by all means rest longer, but WHO CARES if you’re NOT DOING THE PROGRAM perfectly because you can’t rest 12 minutes between squat sets. 

If you’re even more pressed for time, you can use the 4-day split for LP, with 2 exercises (squat & deadlift one day, press and bench press the other). This results in shorter workouts.

You can also do 1 lift a day if you’re in a huge rush. 

Having a home gym helps as well. This eliminates the commute time. 

Lastly, lots of people are “busy” doing BS. Think about how you can reduce or eliminate some of that BS. 

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